Sunday, January 22, 2012

Date night, part 2 and 3

As you may have read, date night started on Thursday evening with a trip to Creamery on Main in Emmaus. We had good intentions of going home to watch a movie, but may have fallen asleep instead. No worries--we were able to continue date night on Friday, and rather unexpectedly, on Saturday.

On Friday night, after a quick trip out, we came home and had a great dinner prepared by Brad. Stuffed chicken breasts and creamy polenta, followed up with some ice cream for dessert. Delicious! We also spent the evening on the couch, watching the Travel Channel.

On Saturday, we had plans to meet up with these fine folks:

...but unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. We woke up to this on Saturday morning:

The roads were still covered and there was still some freezing rain coming down at the time we needed to leave, so we decided not to make the trip. We'll (hopefully) see them soon! Most of the day on Saturday was spent catching up on laundry, playing Wii, and enjoying each others company. Besides the disappointment of not seeing Tony and Lauren, it was a pretty great snow day.

By the way--if you are in the Harrisburg/Enola area, be sure the check this out: The Narrow Road Church

Sunday was spent at church, Fuse, and then out to lunch with some fine folks from church. Late Sunday afternoon/evening included planning for some upcoming trips, blogging, The Food Network, and quality relaxation.

We've got a busy--and exciting-- week in the works. Stay tuned!


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