Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday in Philadelphia

On Saturday morning, Brad and I headed out in the morning to grab some breakfast and do some exploring. We found a little coffee shop close to the hotel, and had some great, freshly-baked pastries for breakfast. 

After breakfast, we headed out to do some exploring. I took along my wonderful new camera and tried to get some good pictures of the city. I'm definitely still learning about my new camera, but managed to get a couple of good shots. 

A little bit before noon we met up with Matt and Shannon. After stopping at the Comcast building and Love Park, we made our way to the Reading Terminal Market. Brad had seen a piece about Tony Dinick's pork sandwiches on the Food Network and was dying to try it. After checking out the market, Brad and Matt waited in line for about 20 minutes to get the sandwiches while Shannon and I scoured the market looking for a place to sit. We all met up and everyone seemed to enjoy their lunch.

We spent some more time in the market (Brad bought some cheese, are you surprised?) and walked around the city before parting ways. We always enjoy spending time with Matt and Shannon.

After a much-needed stop at Trader Joe's, Brad and I headed back to the Lehigh Valley. We had a great time in Philly, and are definitely excited to go back. That trip might have to wait a bit, though…before too long, we're headed somewhere warm… :)


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