Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Date night + Weekend Travels

Whew--it's been a long time since there has been a Nothing but Nelson update. Here is what has been going on around these parts...

Last Thursday night was date night. Our date this week included a three and a half mile run (our fastest to date), dinner at Yocco's (Brad's choice), and a little bit of shopping.

On Friday morning I made the trip to Northumberland, and Brad followed a few hours behind me. We spent the afternoon hanging out, enjoyed dinner and rounded out the night with a trip to Lewisburg for ice cream...and ducks. 

 Mom and Dylan

The ducks

Saturday started with a run at the marina, followed by a delicious breakfast. After hanging out for a bit, Brad was in need of a trip to the Squeeze In. If you've never been to Sunbury, the Squeeze In is a legend. It's a small restaurant (I use that term loosely) that serves hot dogs and chocolate milk. There are only three or four stools in the whole place. If you're ever in the area, you should check it out. 

After our visit to the Squeeze In, we had some special visitors come by: 

These pictures were borrow from Denyel's Facebook, since I don't know what I was thinking and didn't take any. We spent some time with Denyel and Brinley--isn't she adorable? (I'm talking about both of them!)

Saturday late afternoon and evening included some errands, visiting with some family, and a dinner outing with my little brother. 

 Apparently Brad and Dylan have a very similar fashion sense...

...and the sun was really bright behind me!

Sunday morning started bright and early! Brad headed back to the Lehigh Valley, and Dylan, mom and I hit the road to Steubenville, Ohio! Dylan has an internship there for the summer, and my dad was in a golf tournament all weekend, so I decided to make the trip. 

We spent about five hours driving through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and ended up in Ohio. We got Dylan moved in, did some shopping, and camped out in his new apartment for the night. We were in Ohio for less than 24 hours before getting up early on Monday and heading home. It was a long few days of travel, but really nice to spend time with family!

So, there was our week and weekend in nutshell. See ya soon!


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