Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thursday Night Date Night

Our Thursday night date night seemed to be a pretty "typical" date night. Since we have an extra special weekend planned, we decided to keep things low-key with a standard Nelson date night.

Gym.Dinner.Jeopardy.Ice Cream.

I think we're falling into a rut.

After a shoulder workout, we made a delicious dinner of chicken, Brussels Sprouts (heyyy Aunt Barb!) and teeny tiny potatoes.

We played a game of Jeopardy before making the trip to Creamery on Main (you thought I was going to say that we went to Premise Maid, didn't cha?)

 Thanks for the ice cream, Andrew! ;)

Yesterday was the first day of our weekend celebration, and it turned out to be an action packed day! We're heading out for more fun now, I'll give you an update soon!


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