Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our first married Christmas

Brad and I were very fortunate to be able to travel around over the past six days and visit with lots of family in friend. Here are pictures from our travels.

                                       Christmas Eve                                      Fun in the kitchen

                                          Brad's little sister                            Brad's dad

                                           The Grizz                                             Aunt Petey

                                                                Danielle & Meredith

                                     Lauren                                                 Our tree on Christmas morning

                        Brad's new Allentown book                               Chocolate from Brad

After I nicely asked Brad to wrap my Christmas gifts, he also wrapped the gift bag he originally bought for them.

                              A new shirt for him....                                  ...and a camera for me!

                                 Trying out the new Wii....                              ...ski jump!

                                                Mom                                                   Dad

                             Dad smiling about his Carhartt Jacket          ...and Dylan's gift card.

  ...my new PSU Snuggie, courtesy of Dylan.

                               The abominable snow"lamb"               A tradition at family gatherings

                                                                   Kelsey and mom


                                   Grandma and Dad                             Grandpap and mom

          Dylan with his PSU Santa hat...                ...and Grandpap with his Obama Chia Pet

 Grandma and her Hollister bag...
 ...and Dylan with his marshmallow gun
Merry Christmas!

-Brad & Nikki

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