Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our first Christmas tree

For our date night this week, Brad and I decided to do something practical, yet fun--we got our very first Christmas tree!

We decided that we were going to "buy fresh buy local" and headed to a small market not far from our apartment. (You can read about the Eagle Point Farm Market here.) We loved the first tree that we saw, but of COURSE that couldn't be the one! It couldn't be that easy. Turns out it was. :) After looking at several more options, we went back to the first tree that we looked at--which turned out to be our very first Christmas tree.

With some help, we got it tied to the roof of the car and headed home.

Brad did a great job getting the tree all set up.

Let the decorating begin!

Our finished product!

We (and by we, I mean Brad. I supervised) also hung some Christmas ornaments from the big windows in the apartment. Cute, right?

It was a great Christmas date night!

Until next time,

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