Monday, May 28, 2012

Double Date Night + Memorial Day Weekend

We've been really busy this weekend--and unfortunately, I don't have many (read: any) photos to document our travels. Here was our weekend, in a nutshell.

Friday: A double-date date night with some great friends. We had a delicious dinner at White Orchid, played some intense miniature golf (and boy, do I wish I had some pictures of that!), and finished off the night with ice cream. Absolute perfection, and tons of laugh.

Saturday:  We were up early to volunteer at a local 5K, spent some time getting Brad's car fixed, and then headed to Lancaster to attend LCBC and see Nick get baptized. We spent the rest of the evening celebrating and catching up with great friends before heading back to the Lehigh Valley.

Sunday: We started the morning with a run, and got caught in the rain about halfway through the run. We were already soaked, so we finished our run before heading back home. We got cleaned up, Brad prepped a salad for lunch, and we headed to Brad's mom's house for a picnic and some pool time. We spent the afternoon in the sun before heading home to spend the rest of the night relaxing.

Monday: It's only a little after 11:00 a.m. on Monday, and our plan is to spend the majority of the afternoon at the pool.

Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to those who served!


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