Friday, June 8, 2012

Date Night + A Double Date

It's crazy how life can get so busy so quickly! This was another one of those weeks that just flew by! Luckily, Brad and I were still able to spend some quality time together. Brad was out of town on Tuesday night, and I was able to have dinner prepped and ready to go when he got home on Wednesday evening. After a delicious salmon and quinoa dinner, we took a quick walk around the neighborhood and then went to check out YoFresh, a new self-serve frozen yogurt bar in the area.

Our verdict: delicious! Just watch out, those bowls are huge (and easy to overfill!).

On Thursday evening we were lucky enough to have a belated birthday celebration for Brad at the Savory Grille with the Guinans. Dinner was fabulous, and the company was even better. 

Pre-dinner photos

Just for the record, one of the only "rules" of date night is that no cell phones are allowed. Last night we did have to make an exception so that Brad could guide our dinner guests to the restaurant. 

For dinner, I had the scallops:

 And Brad went with the pork:

Everyone was in agreement that their meals were delicious. My favorite may have been the homemade mint ice cream (with mint fresh from their garden), which had swirls of caramel and chunks of pineapple. It's a combination I never would have put together, but was surprisingly delicious.

We've got more fun planned for the weekend, so there will be lots to catch up on. See ya later!


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