Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outdoor Date Night

Brad and I have a pretty busy week planned, so we decided to keep our Monday night date night this week relatively simple. Brad let me plan the date, and since we had a sudden burst of summer-like weather over the past few days, I decided it would be nice to be outside. I picked up some ingredients at the grocery store that were perfect for an easy picnic dinner.

Brad makes these AMAZING shrimp, so I sweetly asked him to cook up the shrimp when he got home from work. We tossed those on top of a salad and were ready to go. We paired the salad with some fresh fruit, and it made for an excellent dinner and fabulous date at the park near our house.

Over dinner, we had a great conversation about defining our values and what we want our marriage to be like. Our values discussion came in handy when making a very important decision today. More on that to come! ;)

We finished off our date night with a trip to ice cream world (thanks Denyel and Erick!). Ice cream very well be my favorite food of all time. Are you starting to notice a common theme here? :)

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