Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Months of Wedded Bliss :)

Yesterday marked three happy months of marriage for Brad and me. We've really enjoyed our time together, and are excited about the months (and years) to come. We spent most of Sunday with friends--relaxing, eating, and laughing.

We started going to a church near our home called Faith Church and have been lucky to connect with some really great people. We joined a group for newly married couples called Fuse and have really enjoying getting to know everyone. During our normal group meeting time on Sunday mornings, this week there was an open house with lots of good food and great conversation. After church we headed to the Emmaus Farmers' Market. We stocked up on some veggies, and got some Bison meat to try out later this week.  We also found this sign:

My two favorite things--ice cream and Nelson!!

After heading home and packing up some snacks, we headed to a local park with some of the folks from Fuse. We had a picnic lunch, went for a short hike, and time to fellowship. It was a great way to celebrate our three month anniversary!

What are your secrets to a long and happy marriage?


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