Monday, November 21, 2011

So, I accidentally volunteered us to make a turkey...

Just imagine Brad's face when I told him THAT!

Let me back up a moment. We are very blessed to have found a great church and a wonderful adult Bible fellowship group geared specifically toward young married couples. We have a blast with the folks from Fuse every Sunday morning, and enjoying spending time with the couples "outside" of church time. On Sunday, we all shared a Thanksgiving meal.

While we were all signing up for dishes to bring to the event, it seemed to be that everyone was hesitant to sign up to bring a turkey--us included. I volunteered us to make mashed potatoes, because I was pretty sure that I could handle those (perhaps even on my own!). While talking with some of the ladies, I MAY have said that if no one else volunteered to make a turkey, Brad and I would give it a shot. Neither of us had ever made a turkey before, so I volunteered us with that disclaimer. And so our turkey journey began...

Side note: I was lucky enough to spend Friday evening at my mom and dad's house while Brad was out of town for work. We just to hang out, eat great food, and be together. Oh, and Dylan and Jen were there too!

The official turkey making shenanigans took place AFTER I got back from my trip and BEFORE we headed to the Philly area to celebrate the engagement of these two:

Congrats Matt and Shannon!

We also managed to sneak in a trip here before the party: 
Can you see the sign in the background? 

We had a fabulous time at the party, and headed back to the Lehigh Valley to finish the turkey...well, in the morning. 
                    A rose blooming in the parking lot...         ...and my wonderful husband driving home.

Finally, after days of preparation, Brad got the turkey started before I was even out of bed.


And finally...the finished product: 

And the verdict: DELICIOUS!

Special thanks to Danielle Nelson, who fielded a WHOLE BUNCH of phone calls about the proper way to make a turkey.

Until next time,

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