Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend with Friends

Yesterday, Brad and I had the pleasure of spending the day in Lancaster with some great friends. We headed to the area in the late morning, where we met up with Lauren and Tony at the Iron Hill Brewery for lunch. We were also surprised (and excited) to see Jessica and Nate seated at the table next to us. What a great bonus!

We enjoyed our lunch (their sweet potato fries are amazing) and then headed to Lititz. We stopped at the Wilbur Chocolate Factory where we picked up some chocolate covered vanilla caramels with sea salt. Delicious!

 Me and Lauren at the Wilbur Chocolate factory--the display behind us (and the one pictured below) are entirely edible!

Tony and Lauren
Brad and Me

After saying goodbye to Tony and Lauren, Brad and I headed to LCBC to meet our friends Nick and Kassondra for the 4:30PM service. LCBC always has great music, and this week there was a powerful message about Simon Peter. (Eventually you will be able to watch the message here, it just hasn't been posted yet). And surprise! Guess who we saw at LCBC? That's right, Nate and Jessica. Twice in one day--how did we get so lucky? 

After the service, Nick, Kassondra, Brad, and I headed to dinner at John J. Jeffries. John J. Jeffries is a seasonal, sustainable, farm fresh restaurant at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. Brad and I have been there a few times, and they always provide a great meal. We had a great time laughing and catching up while enjoying some "small plates" before heading to one of my favorite places in Lancaster--Carmen and David's Creamery. Chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Yes please!

Kassondra and Nick

 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson

 Brad and the alligator

  Nick and Brad

Shortly after enjoying our ice cream, Brad and I decided to call it a night and head back to the Lehigh Valley. We had a great time visiting with friends!


Random fun fact: Lauren was the matron on honor in my wedding, and Nick was the best man.

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