Saturday, February 18, 2012

Date Night & Our Visit With Brinley

After our visit to Key West, we decided that we still wanted to get in a "date night" this week. After a quick dinner made by yours truly, we headed to a nearby movie theater to see The Vow.

I'd love to tell you that it was incredibly romantic. I'd love to tell you that it was sweet and adorable, and the best "chick flick" that I've seen. Except that we didn't see it.

You see, we got to the theater and went to buy our tickets. The woman at the window said, "Just so you know, before you buy your tickets, the heat is not working in that theater." Um...maybe it has something to do with the fact that we had just spend 5 days in 75 degree weather, but we weren't willing to sit through a cold movie. If you remember from a post a long time ago, this was the same movie theater where we went to see The Help, and the movie and audio weren't quite in sync.Perhaps we should try another theater.

We decided that date night was still salvageable, and after some quick thinking decided to head to Premise Maid for some dessert. Check out what we found!

A giant chocolate clock...

 And a delicious peanut butter tandy cake dessert. Let me tell you, this was amazing!

On Friday, we headed to good ole' Northumberland to spend the weekend with mom and dad, and visit this little lady...

You may remember meeting Brinley here, but Friday night was the first time that Brad and I had a chance to meet her in person. She is so sweet, and we were so glad to be able to spend some time with Brinley, and new mom and dad Denyel and Erick. 

 Apparently Brinley wasn't a fan of the camera flash, so my apologies for the blurry pictures below...

 Mom and baby...

So sweet!

We had a great time catching up with Erick and Denyel, and cuddling that sweet baby. She really is such a blessing.

Stay tuned for more Key West photos!

Until then,

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