Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Key West Adventure: Day 2

After a great weekend in Northumberland visiting with mom and dad, (and Brinley, too!), we're back in the Lehigh Valley and ready to start another week. Well, Brad is--luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow. :)

Now, back to our Key West adventure. Day two was spent with on the beach, with temperatures hovering around 75 degrees. The weather was much more cooperative than the day that we arrived, so we most of the morning and afternoon at Bahia Honda State Park. If you're visiting the Florida Keys, this is a place that you should definitely check out.

We headed back to the house after our day at the beach and got ready for dinner at The Square Grouper Bar and Grill. This place was fantastic!

Again, my apologies for the dark and blurry photos from my phone. It didn't seem appropriate to drag my wonderful new camera along to the nice restaurant.

After we split four wonderful appetizers (Flash fried conch with ponzu and wasabi drizzle, Yellowfin tuna and avocado egg rolls with dipping sauce, coconut shrimp with spicy Mango sauce, and seared tuna with spicy pineapple sauce), we got started on our entrees.

 Brad's choice: grilled scallops with roasted corn polenta cake and cilantro honey sauce. We all had a bite, and decided that it was absolutely delicious!

Aunt Beth went for the pasta with key lime butter sauce and roasted tomatoes with pan sautéed seafood combo. Amazing.

I had the jasmine rice bowl with Thai sweet chili butter sauce with spinach, jasmine rice, chopped cashews and pan sautéed shrimp. Really, it was fantastic!

Gabby had the BBQ bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp, of which we unfortunately do not have a picture. Even though this was quite a lot of food, there was still room for dessert!

Brad and I split the chocolate peanut butter pie:

and Aunt Beth and Uncle Gabby split the Square grouper magical brownie (with ice cream, chocolate sauce and health bar crunchies): 

Everything was wonderful, and I highly recommend checking out The Square Grouper Bar and Grill at mile marker 22.5. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for our day 3 adventure. 


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