Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Key West Adventure: Day 5

Day five in Key West was a little bit more low key than our other days. Since the weather wasn't quite as nice as it had been the other days, we decided to forgo a day at the beach and hung around at the house.

In the morning, we took a nice long bike ride around Sugarloaf Key:

 A view of the Key Deer Refuge...with no key deer. 

We spent most of the afternoon lounging around in the hammock before headed down the road to check another Key West sunset.

We had a great seafood dinner back at the house with Aunt Beth and Uncle Gabby before settling down on the couch to watch Water for Elephants. This book/movie became a joke after Aunt Beth seemed to misplace the copy of the book she was reading, but the movie was actually really good.

Day six was our last day in Key West--more on that later!

Until then,

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