Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day-long Date

Man, this week has been busy! Brad and I were lucky to have something going on almost every night last week, which didn't leave much time for anything else. We were able to enjoy dinner with friends from church on two separate nights, and had meal with Brad's coworkers at a local restaurant. We managed to squeeze in a couple of trips to the gym, but date night was pretty low-key. We had good intentions of going out for dinner on Wednesday, but with everything going on we decided to grab dinner from Wegman's and enjoy a quiet dinner at home.

We didn't have anything in particular planned for Saturday, and we were able to spend the entire day together. We started our day at the gym, completing this crazy leg workout.

Saturday ended up being a beautiful day, so we headed to the park across the street before a quick walk before heading back to the house.

We decided to head to Bethlehem for lunch, which we enjoyed at Horns. (You can read about our first trip to Horns here). Brad had a pork-belly sandwich, and I enjoyed a meatball sub. We also shared a side of fries with truffle oil, parsley, and sea salt. They were seriously some of the best fries I've ever had!

After lunch we made a few quick stops (including a trip to DSW) before heading home for a quick nap. We enjoyed a light dinner of leftovers before heading out for our second adventure: The Hunger Games.

I recently read the first book of The Hunger Games series and was interested to see what the movie would be like. We both found the movie to be rather entertaining and were glad that we had the chance to spend the evening together.

Sunday included the usual: Church, Fuse, and a trip to the gym. Now it's time for dinner, and later, an episode of Cupcake Wars. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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