Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet McGee

Just in case you didn't think that Brad and I are strange enough (you can read about our obsession with Jeopardy here), let me introduce you to McGee.

First, here's a little bit of the back story. When we were in Key West, I mentioned to Brad that I would love to see a manatee. We didn't see one while we were there, but while Brad was in Orlando, he brought a stuffed manatee home for me. Isn't that cute?

Somewhere along the way, Brad started to call me "Slow Poke McGee," since I tend to move a little bit slower than he does and take a much longer time to make decisions. And, since manatees tend to move slowly, somehow I became associated with a manatee. So when the manatee joined our little family, it seemed fitting that we name him McGee.

The funny thing about McGee is that he somehow seems to end up in some interesting places. At first I would find him in my closet, or hiding in some clothes. On Sunday, Brad and volunteered at a local 5K in the morning, but were heading to our Sunday School class after the race. We had a few minutes, so we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. We were waiting in line when I opened my purse to get my wallet, and guess who was inside? McGee!

 Here he is "driving" home from the grocery store.

 And just look where I found McGee when I got home from work today...

I think I have sufficiently embarrassed us for today.


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