Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Review

We had another great (but not long enough weekend) here in the Nelson household. After a home-cooked dinner and some cutthroat Jeopardy on Friday, we started our Saturday morning nice and early. I was filling in for a Zumba class, and Brad spend his time at the gym doing another crazy leg workout (I'm not sorry that I missed that!).

We didn't waste any time getting ready, and headed to King of Prussia to meet these lovely folks for lunch.

(This is a recycled photos from our last trip to Philadelphia.)

Matt and Shannon met us for lunch, showed me around the King of Prussia office of Brad's company (quite impressive), and showed us the new townhouse they'll be living in after their October wedding. It was a great afternoon with great friends. 

Brad can't seem to take a trip to the Philly area without stopping at the Nordstrom Rack, and I (tried) to patiently wait for him to shop. I was pretty excited though, because guess where our next stop was? 

Oh yes, it had been way to long since we had taken a trip to Trader Joe's. Now we're fully stocked and ready to go!

Sunday included church, Fuse, an afternoon run (followed by a nap), a visit with the Grizz, and a going away party for some good friends. We're going to miss the Wheeler's, but we're very excited for them to begin their new adventure!

Until next time,

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