Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be Courageous

Last night, Brad and I had the privilege of traveling to Downingtown for a work-related date night. Brad works for a great company, one in which he and his co-works continuously encourage each other both personally and professionally. Family and values are vital to each member's success in the business, and strengthening relationships and continuing to develop and grow is vital. Here's where the "date night" comes in.

We were invited to see the movie Courageous (you can read more about the movie here) with several other couples from Brad's company. We headed do Downingtown a few hours before we were scheduled to meet the others (we had to avoid the traffic!) and had a lovely dinner at a little Italian restaurant near the movie theater. This past week seemed to be a busier-than-normal week, so it was nice to relax, enjoy a nice dinner, and catch up with each other.

We headed to the movie theater, where we met up with some other wonderful couples--there were five couples who were able to make it, and a few who were unable. You might remember reading about some of the couples who were with us here. (Special congratulations to Matt and Shannon on your engagement, and to Megan for your Cardinals winning the world series!)

You can see the trailer for the movie below...

Courageous was done by the producers of Fireproof, which is a great movie about love and marriage (Brad and I actually watched that our one of our first date nights after we got married). Courageous has a strong focus on family, and specifically what it means to be a father. It was an absolutely phenomenal film, and anyone who is a dad, has a dad, or hopes to be a dad should definitely check it out. The movie sparked some heartfelt discussion, and made me realize what an awesome dad I have! Love you daddy!

What a great way to end the week!


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