Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Date Night

Last night, at Brad's suggestion, was "DIY" date night. After seeing this on Pinterest:

we decided that we would attempt to make our own. After a delicious dinner (prepared by yours truly), we headed to Michael's to pick up the supplies.

Brad managed to find this lovely "N" in the clearance bin. Final price: $0.90. We also picked up some flowers and ribbon:

...and a glue gun.

We had to stop at Sears to pick up some twine, since they didn't have any at Michael's (really?). Then we headed home and got to work.

We wrapped the letter with twine (it was a bit more time consuming and complicated that we originally anticipated, but it was worth the work), then added the flowers.

The final project looks like this:

and will soon be hanging on our front door! We had fun, and working on arts and crafts definitely made for an interesting date night. Brad knew that his handiwork would be displayed on the blog, and proudly sang, "Nothing but Nelson!" as he worked (for you Northwestern folks, it was in the tune of KBK).

No worries -- I still managed to end the evening with a little bit of ice cream. :)

Stay tuned for a picture of out DIY project after it's in place, as well as a delicious recipe. Coming soon!

Until then,

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