Thursday, October 6, 2011

Date Night: Can you guess what it involved?

This week, Wednesday night was date night. It involved some incredible ravioli from Trader Joe's (seriously, that place is amazing!) guessed it: ice cream.

I've been adjusting to going back to work, so things have been a bit different. Here are some goofy pics from our trip to Premise Maid. They have wonderful ice cream (and apparently, cakes, cookies, bread, pies, chocolate, etc). We discovered this place a little while ago, but it was so good that I said I wasn't going back until I got a job -- it was going to be my reward. OK, we may have cheated and gone back one time when I was having a majorly bad day, but this time it was a celebration.

Until next time!

P.S. A special thanks to a great friend who called today exactly when I needed it. Thanks for everything, even if you can't comment on my blog ;). God is good.

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