Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Date Night

Last week was absolutely crazy. Between a trip to Kutztown University on Tuesday, Growth Group on Wednesday, meetings on Thursday evening and dinner with friends on Friday, we decided to make Saturday night our date night.

Saturday morning started with a trip to the gym (we’re still going strong!), followed by lunch. We spent Saturday afternoon running around—we had some errands to do, which included a trip to the Allentown Farmer’s Market and a stop to see the Grizz. After returning home for a quick nap (OK, my nap was a little bit longer than I had planned…) we headed to Bethlehem for dinner at Horns. Horns is a farm to table restaurant that serves farm-fresh food year round. It was absolutely delicious!

Brad and both decided to go for a burger. I was a bit more conservative and went for the all-American cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Brad was bit more adventurous and went for the fungi burger (topped with mushrooms and Swiss cheese) and some Brussels sprouts.  You can see our meals (and Brad’s excited expression) below:

I managed to save some of my burger and a bunch of my fries, because I knew where we were headed next: The Bethlehem Dairy Store. Here we shared a chocolate milkshake before heading to our next stop.

Brad was sneaky. He casually mentioned, “Do you know where might be a good place to walk off that dinner? DSW.” Only my husband would be the one who has to drag me to a shoe store!

Unfortunately for him, I found a great pair of sneakers in the clearance section, and Brad came out empty handed.

Sunday turned out to be another whirlwind day, filled with church, laundry, a trip to the gym, good food, and good company. Brad’s mom and step-dad came over for dinner, and we caught up with them and heard about the cruise they are about to take (lucky!). 

We spent the rest of the evening gearing up for another busy week. We’ll get you all caught up soon!


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