Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend, Workouts, and Date night

It's been a while since I've given you an update, so here it goes--all in one post!

On Saturday afternoon Brad and I took a hot yoga class at Lehigh Valley Yoga. This was my first attempt at hot yoga, and it was definitely quite the workout! They are having a special on hot yoga class on on Saturdays and Sundays at noon, so if you're in the Lehigh Valley area, check it out.

My mom and dad arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we spent some time catching up (and watching our wedding video) before heading to Paolo's in Northampton for dinner. All of our meals were delicious, and Paolo's serves some of the biggest portions that I've ever seen! I ate my entree for dinner on Saturday, Brad and I shared some leftovers for dinner on Monday, and I finished it off for lunch on Tuesday. I got four meals out of one entree! If you see my mom and dad, ask them how their leftovers were ;).

On our way home we made a stop at Premise Maid for dessert. Check out these photos:

Yes, those are the Blues Brothers.

Sunday included church, Fuse, a trip to the grocery store and a stop at the gym. Monday was a crazy kind of day, which included a Zumba class for me. We were able to get in a crazy leg workout on Tuesday, and I can still feel the results of walking lunges--they were killer!

Since workout Wednesday technically happened on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we choose Wednesday night as date night. We've decided to take turns planning date night, and this week was my turn. We started with a picnic in the living room (OK, so we really just ate dinner on the floor, but it was fun), followed by some Wii Jeopardy (because we're really that cool).

Today also included a surprise lunch date at Wegman's before coming home to get some more work done. We've both got a few things to do before a quick workout and an evening with friends.

Until next time,

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