Thursday, March 15, 2012

Workout Wednesday Date Night Extravaganza!

Yesterday turned out to be a combination of Workout Wednesday and our weekly date night. We started in the gym with this workout:

After our workout, we decided to take a walk through the local park since it was such a nice day. Seventy degrees in March? I'll take it!

After our walk we headed back to the apartment for dinner (stir-fry with chicken, peppers, broccoli, and mango--yum!). Our next stop was to Hava Java, a cute little coffee shop in Allentown.

The ceiling, lined with coffee cups

The view from our table

We munched on  some delicious snacks and hot chocolate while we worked on the book that you saw in a previous post

Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie

Hot Chocolate

Just in case you forgot, this is the book that we've been working on: 

We finished up the night with an episode of Modern Family. What a great day!


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